Hepworth – Experimental Print Making

Using Barbara Hepworth’s Sculptures as a starting point, this workshop combines two types of printing; Mono & Gelli print. Both techniques are great for creating interesting and unique artwork.

Materials & Equipment

  • Paper
  • Look at Hepworth Sculptures online for further inspiration
  • Oil Pastels / Soft Pastels or anything else for creating initial sketches
  • Gelli Plate / Polymer Plate
  • Block Printing Ink – Black, White + 2 Colours / Could use Acrylic Paint also
  • Brayer Roller
  • Some tools and materials for creating texture; bubble wrap, tissue paper, folk, sticks etc
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Tracing Paper
  • Newsprint / Newspaper
  • Scissors


Who is teaching these sessions?

All our online classes are brought to you by me, a qualified Art & D&T teacher and owner of the Bowery.

I worked in the fashion industry for many years before re-training as a secondary school teacher. In 2008 my husband and I threw caution to the wind and set up the Bowery. I host lots of workshops, courses and events for adults and children in DRAW MAKE PAINT & PRINT.

I continue to work in schools teaching teachers, I also do external workshops at other art organisations as well as providing creative sessions to community & charity groups.

I hope you enjoy, and please do share your results on our social media platforms.

Sandra x

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